Friday, March 22, 2013

What’s in a Golf Course Maintenance Team?

When it comes to golf course maintenance, there is nothing more important than the people who do it day in and day out!  At IGM, we spend countless hours building the right team for each of our properties.  From the Superintendent and Technicians to the Greensmen, we work hard to make sure the right people are on the team.  Our HR department has a motto…  “Not only do we need the right people on the bus, we need the right people in the right seats on the bus.”  At IGM, this means matching up skill set of the employee to the golf course maintenance position!

We look for team members who are professional, friendly, communicative and helpful.  IGM golf course maintenance employees are trained utilizing a proprietary manual specific to golf course maintenance tasks.  Team members are introduced to the game of golf and understand the terminology used on a golf course.  Personnel wear an approved uniform which is clean and well-kept.  IGM personnel are encouraged to smile, make eye-contact, address members and guests by their sir name, and in general, project a positive attitude.  Team members are required to participate in monthly safety meetings.  And, finally, they will be encouraged to find a win-win outcome in any situation. 
For us, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a golf course maintenance employee learn and succeed in this business.  A team made up of carefully recruited and highly trained individuals can improve the condition of any golf course!