Friday, January 28, 2011

IGM Blog Reaches 150th Post

This represents the 150th post published on this blog. You might find it interesting that since the first post on January 12, 2009, the page has recieved over 5,000 visits and 7,500 page views. We hope you continue to find the information posted here both interesting and informative.

IGM Staff Members: Do you have a special event or a staff member accomplishment that should be recognized? An innovative idea or insight that should be shared with our other Superintendents? Want to share your Audubon and environmental stewardship success stories? Maybe just a suggestion about information that would be helpful to your operation. Then let's put it on the blog.

Please be on the lookout for information and think about things that you might like to share. Any suggestions/information can be sent to Thanks in advance for your participation!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pin Placements and Pace of Play

Pace of play is important to every golf course and to every golfer. There are many ways to control or shorten the time it takes to play. Somethimes overlooked or undervalued though is the impact that course set-up and maintenance can have on the time it takes to play a round of golf.

There are many but one of the most obvious influences is pin placements. Even seasoned maintenance personell can make the occasional mistake in placing a hole location. All it takes is 1 or 2 difficult pin placements to create in issue for the entire day. If difficult placements add 1, 2 or more putts to each players round, it can quickly add up in each group and then throughout the tee sheet.

Like so many other things, the solution starts with proper training and supervision. Though the use of pin sheets and other techniques can be helpful, they still are not much good without well trained staff to utilize them properly. So take the time, consider creating or utilizing Standard Operating Procedures and then train, train and retrain. It will all payoff in maximizing the tee sheet, player's enjoyment of the course and cut down on the dreaded calls from the proshop.

At IGM we look for every opportunity to help improve your course and your business. For more information on IGM and the professional golf course services offered, please contact the IGM Business Development Office at 800-413-5500 or on the web at

Friday, January 14, 2011

January Anniversaries

We would like to recognize the following team members who have demonstrated their continued commitment to excellence and have reached important milestones with IGM.

12 Years
Dennis Gates – Irrigation Technician – IGM at Spessard Holland
Bobby Jacoby – Superintendent – IGM at Highland Fairways
Brian Kinney – Superintendent – IGM at Heritage Greens
Edward Royland – Equipment Tech – IGM at Highland Fairways
Kenneth Parker – Equipment Technician – IGM at Habitat
Chris Eckart – Superintendent – IGM at Spessard Holland

8 Years
Joe Carranza – Equipment Tech – IGM at Date Palm
Bobby Reyes – Superintendent – IGM at Date Palm

5 Years
Chris Monserrate – Assist Superintendent – IGM at Grand Palms
Brian Aiken – Spray Technician – IGM at King’s Point
Larry Lehman – Crew Leader – IGM at King’s Point
Daniel Elysee – Landscape Supervisor – IGM at King’s Point

4 Years
Michael Heckenstaller – Assistant Superintendent – IGM at Habitat

3 Years
Nigel Hoyte – Spray Technician – IGM at Four Lakes
Kapildeo Ramkaran – Irrigation Technician – IGM at Four Lakes

2 Years
Ryan Bomgaars – Assistant Equipment Tech – IGM at Silver Lakes
Charles Calhoun – Assistant Superintendent – IGM at Sandridge

Thanks to each of you for your efforts in making IGM the leader in the golf maintenance industry. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Friday, January 7, 2011

January Birthdays

Members of the IGM Team with January birthdays:

Linda Piney - Administrative Assistant - IGM at ChampionsGate
Dennis Gates - Irrigation Tech - IGM at Spessard Holland
Jose Tumax - Equipment Tech - IGM at Grand Palms
Jerry Wheelis - Equipment Tech - IGM at Lake Henry
Ryan Bomgaars - Assistant Equipment Tech - IGM at Silver Lakes
David Brainard - Irrigation Tech - IGM at Silver Lakes
Nickolaus White - Irrigation Tech - IGM at Silver Lakes
Raul Sanchez - Crew Leader - IGM at Bear Valley Springs

We wish each of you a very Happy Birthday!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

May the year 2011 bring for you happiness, success and be filled with peace, hope & togetherness of your family & friends...

Wishing you a... HAPPY NEW YEAR!