Friday, May 28, 2010

Attention IGM Staff Members

Do you have a special event or a staff member accomplishment that should be recognized? An innovative idea or insight that should be shared with our other Superintendents? Want to share your Audubon and environmental stewardship success stories? Maybe just a suggestion about information that would be helpful to your own operation. Then let's put in on this blog.

Please be on the lookout for information and think about things that you might like to share. Any suggestions/information can be sent to Thanks in advance for your participation!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

IGM at SilverStone Continues Towards ACSP Certification

Recently the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses (ACSP) awarded IGM at SilverStone certification in Water Quality Management.

To achieve this certification, the course was required to demonstrate that Best Management Practices are in place to eliminate potential nutrient or pesticide contamination of water sources. The course also employs environmentally-sensitive management practices in ponds, streams, and wetlands; proper equipment and chemical storage and handling; and water quality monitoring to verify results.

Thus far Environmental Planning, Water Conservation and Wildlife and Habitat Management have been completed at the course.

About Audubon International
Audubon International is an environmental organization dedicated to educating, assisting, and inspiring millions of people from all walks of life to protect and sustain the land, water, wildlife, and natural resources around them. In addition to businesses, Audubon International also provides programs for golf courses, schools, communities, and new developments. For more information, contact Audubon International, 46 Rarick Rd., Selkirk, NY 12158, USA, (518) 767-9051, e-mail them via the Internet at, or visit their website at

For more information on IGM and the professional golf course services offered, please contact the IGM Business Development Office at 800-413-5500 or on the web at

Friday, May 14, 2010

May Anniversaries

We would like to recognize the following team members who have demonstrated their continued commitment to excellence and have reached important milestones with IGM.

11 Years
Ryan Duffell - Assistant Superintendent - IGM at Sandridge

6 Years
Martin Contreras - Crew Foreman - IGM at SilverStone

5 Years
Ryan Cahill - Assistant Superintendent - IGM at Widows Walk
Dean Matthew - Spray Technician - IGM at Highland Fairways
Gilbert Francis - Assistant Superintendent - IGM at Country Creek

4 Years
Dean Lindquist - Technician - IGM at Heritage Greens
Nicholas Macarthur - Superintendent - IGM at SilverStone

3 Years
John Weathers - Assistant Superintendent - IGM at Mystic Dunes
Ralph Butrick - Spray Technician - IGM at Silver Dollar

Thanks to each of you for your efforts in making IGM the leader in the golf maintenance industry. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Friday, May 7, 2010

May Birthdays

Members of the IGM Team with May birthdays:

Daniel Wikiera - Technician - IGM at Mystic Dunes
Tray Maltby - Superintendent - IGM at Brays Island
Maurice Miyo - Superintendent - IGM at Savannahs
Bobby Jacoby - Superintendent - IGM at Highland Fairways
Roel Figueroa-Solis - Assistant Superintendent - IGM at Brays Island
Jason Farr - Superintendent - IGM at Lake Henry
Dallas Dupont - Equipment Technician - IGM at Sebastian
Eric Santana - Irrigation Technician - IGM at SilverStone
Larry Lehman - Crew Foreman - IGM at King's Point
Donald Bookwalter - Superintendent - IGM at ChampionsGate
Armando Garcia - Irrigation Technician - IGM at SilverStone
Scott Czajkowski - Irrigation Technician - IGM at ChampionsGate
We wish each of you a very Happy Birthday!