Friday, March 15, 2013

Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Have you heard about all of the qualified Golf Course Superintendents losing their jobs to less costly (sometimes unqualified) Assistant Superintendents just to save a few bucks?  Or, have you heard about the Superintendent being asked to cut the golf course maintenance budget by 20%?  We hear troubling stories each week about a different club faced with the challenge of losing money.  However, trimming the budget by an arbitrary amount or sacrificing a competent Superintendent can be extremely costly in the long haul. 
At IGM, we employ a golf course maintenance strategy which can help a club improve the bottom line.  The answer may not always be to randomly lower the golf course maintenance budget or cut golf course maintenance positions.  IGM representatives listen to club owners, directors, committees and management closely, and we develop affordable golf course maintenance plans to fit into the club’s overall budget.  IGM’s customized golf course maintenance plan will match the goals of the Club.  First and foremost, IGM understands the importance of golf course maintenance conditions and how the quality of the maintenance affects golfer satisfaction.  Across the Country, IGM has been implementing efficient golf course maintenance programs for years – well before the hurdle we now face in the golf maintenance industry. 
To see if IGM’s maintenance plans can help you or your course, please call (800) 413-5500 or click here to contact us.