Friday, April 27, 2012

Attitude Matters – Even in Golf Course Maintenance

Last night on American Idol, Elise found out the importance of attitude.  After weeks of smug reactions to the judges and almost haughty appearances, Elise found herself voted off the prime time show.  It had nothing to do with her singing ability and everything to do with her way of behaving.  We all can learn from this.

In the world of golf course maintenance, we’re judged every day – multiple times a day.  Oftentimes, we’re judged without consideration for increasing golf course maintenance costs or other uncontrollable challenges.  Too many times, we’re compared to the golf course down the street without anyone considering the differing golf course infrastructures, locations and obstacles.  What’s most important – is how we react to the reviews of our customers. 

We believe all of our employees should exhibit the following traits when dealing with customers, co-workers and industry peers:  professionalism, tact, friendliness, helpfulness and openness.  During orientation, IGM team members are trained utilizing a proprietary manual specific to golf course maintenance tasks.  Team members are introduced to the game of golf and are briefed on the terminology appropriate for use at a golfing facility.  IGM personnel are encouraged to smile, make eye-contact, address members and guests by their sir name, i.e. Mr. Mrs. Ms. etc., and in general project a positive attitude.  And, most importantly, they will be encouraged to always find a win-win outcome in any situation.