Friday, April 5, 2013

Golf Course Maintenance Tip: Spring Weed Control

Spring means something different to everyone. For Golf Course Superintendents who strive for high quality turf grass, spring can be all about weed control programs. Remember that first and foremost, healthy turf is the best preventer of weeds. Long before you even think about mixing up a tank of herbicide, be sure to know what your soil needs to produce healthy turf. Take regular soil samples and use that data to develop your plan for the entire year. Sustainable turf management is multi-faceted. Responsible and successful managers never go straight to the pesticides. 

When pre-emergent herbicides are part of your plan, be sure to get the most out of them with proper timing. Know what your target is, how your herbicide works and when to apply it to achieve optimum results. Many people still use natural indicators to determine pre-emergent timing such as the application of crabgrass control when the forsythia plants bloom.

Regardless of the indicators you choose, know the facts and make good decisions based on your data. This will help you to reduce your golf course maintenance costs and be a good steward to the environment.