Friday, February 18, 2011

A Different View

By Mike Kuhn
IGM Golf Course Superintendent

After working for three years as Assistant Golf Course Superintendent with a different golf course maintenance company at Brays Island Plantation, I was informed that the contract had expired and would not be renewed. I was shocked to say the least. It was then that I learned that International Golf Maintenance had been signed on to conduct the maintenance operations. As can be expected I had many concerns. Would I still have a job and if so, what challenges would arise during the transition between the two companies? To what extent was IGM committed to providing quality golf course conditions and how were they prepared to deliver these conditions? In a very short time IGM answered these questions for me and I must say that I was more than pleasantly surprised!

The transition was smoother than I ever expected. IGM retained all the employees and the HR staff worked diligently to incorporate everyone into the new system. Upper level management spent numerous hours on site to ensure that the quality of the golf course never wavered during the transition process and a new sense of teamwork was established.

With IGM’s buying power and nationwide relationships, it was quickly realized that more resources could be used on the golf course with lesser associated costs. This was soon evident as playing conditions greatly improved. Having a large pool of talent and experience within the company allowed us to solve some historical problems at the facility. Help was and is always a quick phone call away.

Working for IGM has exceeded all of my expectations and I am proud of the services we provide for our clients on a daily basis!

Mike is the Golf Course Superintendent for IGM at Lake of the Woods in Locust Grove, Virginia. He attended Penn State University where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography. He continued his education at Horry-Georgetown Technical College where he received an Associate Degree in Golf Course Management.