Friday, November 19, 2010

Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program Celebrates Twenty Years

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program (ACSP) will be twenty years old in 2011. To celebrate the milestone and the success that organizations and businesses have helped to achieve over the past two decades, Audubon International will host an evening reception during the Golf Industry Show in Orlando at the Rosen Centre Hotel on Wednesday, February 9, 2011.

"We're happy to both celebrate the last twenty years, while looking forward to the next twenty," states Kevin A. Fletcher, Ph.D., Executive Director for Audubon International. "Our programs have served as the definitive third-party environmental education and performance certification tools for existing golf courses [ACSP] and new and renovated golf courses [Audubon Signature & Classic Programs] over that time, and we plan on continuing to serve both the natural environment and the game of golf for another twenty years."

The festivities will bring together ACSP members, golf industry leaders, and the sponsors and supporters of the Golf & the Environment Initiative. The ACSP is an education and certification program that helps organizations and businesses protect our environment while enhancing their bottom line. The "plan-do-check-act" approach of the program offers information and guidance to implement an environmental management plan that improves efficiency, conserves resources, and promotes conservation efforts. "In the end, this one evening in February is a chance to thank as many people as we can for supporting efforts to make good environmental stewardship the norm for golf," states Fletcher.

Organizations are invited to renew their commitment to Audubon International and ACSP for Golf Courses by sponsoring and supporting the 20th Anniversary celebration and the Golf & the Environment Initiative. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or need to renew your sponsorship, contact Jessica DesLauriers, Audubon International Development Office at 518-767-9051, ext 120 or by email at

IGM is committed to going our part as good stewards to the environment. As a demostration of this commitment our team seeks to establish all of our courses as an Audubon Cooperative Santuary. IGM is a Charter Member of Audubon's Conversation Country Club and has committed 100% particpation of all its courses in the Audubon Cooperative Santuary Program. To date, IGM has completed certification of 13 courses across the country.

We encourage you to do your part as a steward to the environment. Your efforts big and small can make a difference. For more information visit