Friday, April 16, 2010

April Birthdays

Members of the IGM Team with April birthdays:

Francisco Olivares - Equipment Tech - IGM at SilverStone
Ryan Duffell - Assistant Superintendent - IGM at Sandridge
Edward Taylor - Irrigation Technician - IGM at Grand Palms
Jay Ferguson - Spray Technician - IGM at Pine Lakes
Tanner Couch - Crew Foreman - IGM at ChampionsGate
Raymond Morrison - Assist Equip Tech - IGM at North Palm Beach
Michael Kuhn - Assistant Superintendent - IGM at Brays Island
Anthony Huseman - Crew Foreman - IGM at ChampionsGate
Todd Hugill - Superintendent - IGM at Widows Walk
Terrence Watson - Assist Superintendent - IGM at ChampionsGate
LeLand Cumming - Superintendent - IGM at Four Lakes
Kapildeo Ramkaran - Irrigation Technician - IGM at Four Lakes
Fred Lewis - Spray Technician - IGM at Heritage Greens
Brian Aiken - Equipment Technician - IGM at King's Point
Shane McGuire - Superintendent - IGM at North Palm Beach

We wish each of you a very Happy Birthday!