Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Historical Timeline of Golf - 3 of 4 - 1900 to 1956

1905 - The first dimple-pattern for golf balls is patented by William Taylor in England

1906 - Goodrich introduces a golf ball with a rubber core filled with compressed air. The “Pneu-matic” proves quite lively, but also prone to explode in warm weather, often in a golfer’s pocket. The ball is eventually discontinued; at this time the Haskell ball achieves a dominance of the golf ball market.

1916 - The PGA Of America is founded by 82 charter members and the PGA Championship is inaugurated. Jim Barnes is first champion.

1922 - The Walker Cup Match is instituted. Two direct descendants of the cup Founder George Herbert Walker would become President of the United States- his grandson George H. W. Bush, 41st President, and his great grandson George W. Bush, 43rd President.

1924 - The USGA legalizes steel shafted clubs.

1927 - The inaugural Ryder Cup Matches are played between Britain and the U.S.

1931 - The USGA increases the minimum size of the ball from 1.62” to 1.68” and decreases the maximum weight from 1.62 ounces to 1.55 ounces. This ball, labeled the “balloon ball” is universally despised and eventually the USGA raises the weight back to 1.62 ounces.

1934 - The first Masters is played. Horton Smith is first champion.

1934 - The official U.S. PGA Tour is created.

1938 - The Palm Beach Invitational becomes the first tournament to make a contribution to charity.

1938 - The 14-club rule is instituted.

1945 - Byron Nelson wins 18 tournaments in calendar year to set the all time PGA record. Nelson wins 11 straight events during the year.

1946 - U.S. Women’s Open is instituted. Patty Berg is first winner.

1947 - Golf is televised for the first time, in a local St. Louis telecast of U.S. Open.

1948 - The U.S. Junior Amateur is instituted. Ken Venturi loses to Dean Lind in the first final.

1950 - The Ladies Professional Golfers Association is founded. (LPGA)

1954 - The U.S. Open is nationally televised for the first time.

1956 - The current yardage guides for par are adopted by the USGA.