Thursday, November 12, 2009

Historical Timeline of Golf - 2 of 4 - 1800 to 1900

1810 - Earliest recorded reference to a women’s competition at Musselburgh.

1826 - Hickory imported from America is used in making golf shafts.

1848 - The invention of the “guttie”, the gutta-percha ball. It flies farther than previous balls and is much less expensive. It contributes greatly to the expansion of the game.

1859 - The first Amateur Championship is won by George Condie of Perth.

1861 - The Open Championship is born. Commonly referred to as The British Open. It is won by Old Tom Morris.

1867 - The Ladies’ Golf Club at St. Andrews is founded. The first golf club for women.

1884 - The Oakhurst Golf Club is founded at White Sulphur Springs, W.V. The first hole at The Homestead survives from this course and is the oldest golf hole in America.

1894 - The United States Golf Association is formed (USGA). The governing body of golf in the United States.

1895 - The U.S. Amateur Championship is instituted. The first U.S. Open is held the following day. Horace Rawlins is the champion.

1898 - The term “birdie” is coined at Atlantic C.C. from “ a bird of a hole”

1899 - The Western Open is first played at Glenview C.C., the first tournament that would evolve into the PGA Tour.