Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Golf For The Fun Of It" Bringing New Players to the Game

Meadowbrook Golf’s “Golf For The Fun Of It” program has continued to bring new players to the game of golf. The program now in its second year is a player development program designed for fun, taught by PGA Golf Professionals and sponsored by Callaway Golf. It has been designed with the specific goal of developing a way for adults, who had an interest but no clear path, to join a program that was built with no barriers. It’s for the person who may have watched golf for a long time and had interest but did not know the way into the game.

The program includes 7 hours of free PGA instruction, a graduation with gifts, a gold membership card providing after program discounts and a $20.00 gift certificate. With the barriers to entry taken down, this program provides every opportunity to learn this the great game of golf while making new friends and learning all the basics of golf; including the swing, rules, respecting the course, equipment and course management.

There are currently 340 players enrolled in the program offered at 3 of Meadowbrook’s Florida properties. Many more players are on the waiting list for the next opportunity. Other Meadowbrook properties will begin offering the program later this year.

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