Monday, January 19, 2009

January Milestones

We would like to recognize the following team members who have demonstrated their continued commitment to excellence and have reached important milestones with IGM.

10 Years of Service
Ed Royland – Equipment Technician – IGM at Highland Fairways
David Fletcher - Equipment Technician – IGM at Tarpon Springs
Jesus Salinas - Equipment Technician – IGM at Mirror Lakes
Dennis Gates – Irrigation Technician – IGM at Spessard Holland
Bobby Jacoby – Superintendent – IGM at Highland Fairways
Todd Wigington – Superintendent – IGM at Country Creek
Chris Echart – Superintendent – IGM at Spessard Holland
Ken Parker - Equipment Technician – IGM at Habitat

7 Years of Service
Brian Pietrafeso – Superintendent – IGM at Craig Ranch

6 Years of Service
Bobby Reyes – Superintendent – IGM at Date Palm
Joe Carranza - Equipment Technician – IGM at Date Palm

4 Years of Service
Brian Keene – Assistant Superintendent – IGM at Widows Walk

3 Years of Service
Larry Lehman – Crew Leader – IGM at King’s Point
Brian Aiken - Equipment Technician – IGM at King’s Point

2 Years of Service
Ed Bakle - Assistant Superintendent – IGM at Mirror Lakes
Efren Mendoza - Irrigation Technician – IGM at Country Creek

1 Year of Service
Gary Glisson - Equipment Technician – IGM at Four Lakes
Kapildeo Ramkaran - Irrigation Technician – IGM at Four Lakes

Thanks to each of you for your efforts in making IGM the leader in the golf maintenance industry. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.